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Toyger Breeders

If you are looking for Toyger kittens, you're sure to find a Toyger breeder in the list below. Just click on the cattery name and you'll be taken directly to the Toyger breeders website.

Also visit the Gallery of Cats and Kittens. You'll find photos of some of the most beautiful cats and kittens from around the world.



Xquizit Toygers are the FIRST breeders of Toyger cats in Australia. We are registered with ANCATS and TICA. Our Toygers are imported from the US and UK. They have excellent temperments, colour, contrast, and very tigery patterns. We breed for type and colour with great attention to good health and socialization. Our Toygers are cutting edge and we have the most recent lines available. Our aim is to breed Toygers with great glitter, colour, small eyes and ears, wide nose and long bodies with the temperament of a smoochy lap cat. Kittens by order. Xquizit by name, Xquizit by nature. Please visit our website at http://www.xquizittoygers.com/. Xquizit Maine Coons and Toygers is located in Karuah. A town in the Hunter Valley Region of New South Wales, Australia, in the Port Stephens LGA. Located on the old Pacific Highway, it straddles the Karuah River.


Queenanne Cats

We are proud to be the first breeders to have Toygers outside of the United States. Bred to resemble a small tiger but with a domestic cat temperament. Absolutely full of character, its a joy to have one as part of your family.We also breed Bengals, silvers, browns, snows and foundations. All kittens are raised in the home and are GCCF or TICA registered. Located in Bromsgrove in the West Midlands Region of England.