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Siberian Cat Breeders and Breed Information

Also known as the Siberian Forest Cat, Siberians have been popular in Russia for centuries. Today you can find Siberian cat breeders all over the world!

Siberians are large cats with quite a bit of strength and agility. They have robust bodies that let them jump higher than other breeds and they're known for their ability to leap great lengths. The semi-long coats of Siberian cats come in a variety of shades. Some speculate that the Siberian, which looks similar to the Norwegian Forest, is the ancestor to other long-haired breeds. You might also be interested in Maine Coon cats if you like Siberians.

The Siberian breed is known for its intelligence and personality. A Siberian will take an active part in your family's affairs and love spending time with you. This is a cat that will keep you on your on toes!

Listings of Siberian Breeders

If you are looking for Siberian kittens, you can find a Siberian breeder in the list below. Just click on the cattery name and you'll be taken directly to the Siberian breeder's website. It's important to establish a strong relationship with your Siberian breeder.

Also visit the Siberian Cat Gallery of Cats and Kittens. You'll find photos of some of the most beautiful Siberian cats from around the world.



California    Colorado    Maryland    New Jersey    New York    Pennsylvania    Texas    Virginia


Litte Kattestupet


Formula Uspekha

Cattery Formula Uspekha*RUS from Moscow breeds large, well-dressed Siberian (Neva Masquerade)and Maine Coon cats. Our Siberian cats have bright blue eyes. They have wonderful characters are good friends with kids and other animals. Our kittens are already living and win in exhibitions in Russia, the USA, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Italy, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan and Latvia. Please visit our website http://nevacoon.com/ for complete information and see many more photos of our beautiful Maine Coon and Siberian cats and kittens.

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We are a home-based cattery specializing in the California market. We raise cats that are healthy, excellent in type and who are true human companions. Our kittens are hypoallergenic and we can prove it! All adults are allergen tested. We offer a two-year genetic guarantee. Colors - tabbies and classics (black/silver, red, cream, blue and brown). Color points (seal, seal lynx, blue and flame). Please visit our website at http://www.siberiancatscalifornia.com/.


We are a specialty cattery specializing in low allergy lines to help those that would not normally be able to enjoy having a cat otherwise. We are a home-based breeder raising healthy, happy, high Quality Siberian Cats as part of our family in Southern California. All kittens are weaned on a holistic diet. Many colors available, traditional and colorpoint. Kittens come vet checked, UTD on shots, registered and come with genetic health guarantee. We are TICA and CFA members in good standing. Please visit our website at http://www.siberiankittens4u.com/.

Siberian Beauty

We are a small cattery in Los Angeles, dedicated to raising quality Siberian kittens with loving personalities. It is our goal to breed for temperament as well as for beauty and health. Our Siberian kittens are raised in a loving environment with a lot of attention and human contact. Our attention is focused at the development of a consistent type of Siberians in classic, silver and golden colors.

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We are a small cattery located in Denver, Colorado. Our cats are imported directly from Russia from Champion Blood lines and are registered in TICA and CFA. Home raised sweet and sociable kittens will steal your heart at moment you see them. Please check our website http://www.charodey.com to see availability, quality and colors of our kittens.

Ziganka Kittens!

Ziganka Siberians is located in Colorado, producing the upmost quality Siberian kittens we can. All our cats are from very nice Russian lines, and breeders have been PKD tested and were neg. All kittens come with a health certificate and regestration papers. Please visit our website at http://www.zigankasiberians.com/. Nice to meet you!


Reigning Cats

Reigning Cats Cattery in Maryland featuring Maine Coon and Siberian Cats and kittens. Bred for quality, health and a loving personality. Champion to Supreme Grand Champion lines, including Regional Winners. We have been awarded the Cattery of Excellence from CFA. Please visit our website, http://www.reigningcats.com/

New Jersey


Small cattery of hypoallergenic Siberian cats from World champion Russia imported bloodlines. Beautiful kittens well socialized with people and dogs. Variety of colors. TICA, CFA registrations and awards. We raise our cats as truly family members. We love them very much and we spend all our spare time with them. We provide written contract, health certificate and health guaranty. Our cats are tested as FIV, FeLV, PKD negative. Welcome to visit our website http://www.ustasiberians.com/.

New York

1 Above


The #1 site for the highest quality hypoallergenic Traditional Siberian kittens and cats. Located in New York State, near New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania. Hours to Boston and DC. Come choose and take home a kitten in just an afternoon. Adults from Russia, Champion lines. FEL-D1 (allergen) tested, FeLV/FIV neg, TICA Registered. Health guarantee. Specializing in Silvers, other colors available. All are home raised. Visit our site http://www.siberiankittensnewyork .com/.


Siberian cats and Siberian kittens sometimes available from premium Siberian cat breeder serving New York, NYC, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts. Hypoallergenic Siberian cats direct from Russia, all Champion lines. FEL-D1 tested, FeLV/FIV negative, no colorpoint. Vet-checked, written health guarantee. TICA registered. Our cattery breeds for quality, health, temperament. In lower New York State - 4 hrs. to Boston or DC. Visit our site, http://www.siberian-cats-new-york.com/, e-mail, or call for availability or appointment to come choose your own!


Original Russian Lines. Our healthy, happy, huge Siberian kittens are raw fed and home raised with love and gentleness. Goldens, silvers, blues, torbies, reds, and browns. For your peace of mind, we provide a three year health guarantee. As an allergic family ourselves, we are supportive and informative about your allergy adoption. We are here to support you long after your baby kitten comes home to you. We look forward to hearing from you, and are happy to provide references. Learn more at our website, http://www.sweetsiberians.com/. You can also visit ForestWind on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/ForestWindSiberianCats.



Inspurrations Cattery breeds quality line Siberian cats in a cage free, loving home environment. Siberians are known to be hypoallergenic. If you or your children are allergic to cats and you are interested in purchasing a kitten from Inspurrations, we can send you a fur sample to test your reaction. Siberians are also known for having a dog like personality and are truly the perfect cat! Please visit our website at http://www.inspurrations.com/.


NevaMasKaRan is located in Pennsylvania. The Neva Masquerade also known as the Color Point is recognized as a color variation of the Siberian cat. Registered with TICA-CFA-WCF. Kittens sometimes available to approved, loving homes so check out the Nursery page of the website, http://www.nevamaskaran.com/, or track by email on the Blog to get updates as we add pictures. For those with allergies, Feld-1 testing is done and we have very low tested cats.


RocKaRan is located in Pennsylvania. Our goal at RocKaRanSiberKats is to preserve the "Traditional Foundation Lines" of this magnificent breed. Our cats come from world and international championship lines, "old time" bloodlines. Kittens are vet checked and tested for FeLV/FIV negative, come with a health guarantee and contract. Kittens are handled daily and well socialized with other pets. Check out our beautiful Siberians on the website, http://www.rockaransiberkats.com/. We look forward to sharing the joy of owning a Siberian kitten with you!



I breed pure Siberian cats imported directly from Siberia. True Siberian cats are a very rare and old breed that comes from deep Russian traditions. They are mentioned in the Russian Red Book. However, their pure breed is about to disappear. They have a wild native look as well as a sweet and loyal disposition towards their owners. They are beautiful animals and can be a loving family member as well.

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Regal Siberian

A cat lover, just looking for a friend, Siberian is your choice. They will bring smile to your face, help to write off tiredness, depression, lower your blood pressure ALSO could be tolerated by people with allergies. Visit www.regalsiberian.com
Siberians have big hearts to match their size. They are devoted, smart, loving, curious and playful. Siberians are very intelligent, problem-solve to get what they want, readily learn their names, come when called, enjoy fetch and other games, sweet, devoted, amenable to handling, very agile, able to leap tall bookcases in a single bound.

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