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American Curl Cat Breeders in the United States

American Curl kittens are well-known for their distinctive curled ears and personality. Discover American Curl cat breeders and kittens for sale in your area. As you can probably guess from pictures, American Curl cats get their distinctive name for their short curled ears. The extent of the curl varies greatly among cats. Some may have no curl at all, while American Curl show cats may have ears that almost seem to lay flat.

The breed originates from Lakewood, California, and is the result of a natural genetic alteration. American Curl kittens are born with straight ears that curl to their final length within four months of birth. They come in long hair and short hair varieties. Both types have soft, silky coats. American Curls are very social and unique in that they keep their kitten-like nature well into adulthood. Curls grow to a medium size of 10-12 pounds.

Find American Curl Cat Breeders

Although American Curls are relatively rare. Only a handful of breeders exist around the world, which may or may not have American Curl kittens for sale at this time.



Precious Curl

Precious Curl kittens are raised in my home with my daughters. My pride and joy is Precious Curl Armani. He is a Grand Champion, Regional and Breed Winner and his kittens are sometimes available to approved, loving homes. My cattery has 7 Grand Champion cats. We only have a limited number of litters a year. The kittens are mostly long hair, however, we occasionaly have short hair kittens. Located in Lake Forest, California not far from Los Angeles and San Diego. Please visit our website at http://www.preciouscurlcats.com/ for current availability.