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Absolutely Cats is now offering Retired listings. If you are interested, please click here

Two Retirees Currently Available

Salon de Chat Exotic Shorthairs and Persians

Indy is a lovely neutered 3yr old (7/8/10) Silver Persian male with beautiful blue/green eyes. This spring Indy was placed in, what we thought, was his loving forever home in Wyoming (where he still resides). Due to the unforeseen health issues of his new owner, we are looking for a new home. Indy is very sweet and loves lap and play time. The new owner has a laid-back dog and Indy gets along well with her. Indy is also a very smart boy and is great with grooming. The family is very upset but have no choice in this matter. Indy needs a home where someone is willing to play and groom him on a regular basis. He also needs a lap to sit in each day. Indy's new home must be a forever home. If you are interested, please contact us below with information regarding you and your family.

Contact Carol@salondechat.net

Salon de Chat Exotic Shorthairs and Persians

GiGi is a 3yr old golden Exotic Shorthair spay. GiGi is a large girl looking for a loving home where she can be an only child, no other cats. We do not know how she would adjust to a dog as she has never been exposed to one. She likes attention, playing, and can also be a couch potato. If you are interested in GiGi please provide information about you and your family, the type of kitty you are looking for, and the state in which you live. Thank you!

Contact Carol@salondechat.net

Absolutely Cats accepts cat breeders who have registered catteries in good faith and assumes that cat breeders want to offer only high quality, healthy cats. Absolutely Cats assumes no responsibility for any unethical dealings and you may wish to contact several cat breeders before purchasing a kitten or cat.

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