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Feline Health, Cat Behavior, Feline Behavior

Below are links to articles about feline behavior written by Cynthia B. Whitney for you and your cat. You'll find lots of good advice, helpful ideas and some humor!

Bringing Home Baby      Calico Is Not A Breed      Catnip, Cardboard and Walnuts      Choosing A Kitten      Have a Purrfect Christmas      Healthy Cats 101      Hey! Cats Have Breeds, Too      Kitty Hissy Fits      Litter Box Wars      Ouch--More Than You Ever Wanted To Know About Cat Bites      The Super Bowl     

If you are interested in a specific breed, please visit http://www.absolutelycats.com and select the breed you are interested in. You'll find a comprehensive list of breeders from around the world. Just click on the cattery link and you'll be taken directly to the breeders' website.

And, don't forget to visit the the Gallery of Cats and Kittens!