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Absolutely Cats: International Cat Breeder Listings

Abyssinian     American Curl     Asian     Australian Mist     Balinese     Bengal     Birman     British Shorthair     Burmese     Burmilla     Colorpoint Shorthair     Devon Rex     Egyptian Mau     European Burmese     Exotic Shorthair     Himalayan     Maine Coon     Munchkin     Napoleon     Norwegian Forest     Oriental Shorthair     Persian     Pixie-Bob     Ragamuffin     Ragdoll     Scottish Fold     Selkirk Rex     Siamese     Siberian     Singapura     Somali     Sphynx     Toyger     Turkish Van

Hello and Welcome!

Absolutely Cats has been online since 1998 beginning with Maine Coons and quickly growing to represent all breeds. You'll find links to cat breeders in more than 30 countries.

Finding a Cat Breeder

Listings are organized by breed and will help you quickly find a registered cat breeder's website. Just click on the cattery name and you will be taken directly to the breeder's page.

Explore the menu on the left and you'll find lots of interesting pages and information.

One of the most popular sections is the Gallery of Cats and Kittens. You'll find hundreds of photos of cats and kittens..... a virtual cat show online that's always open!

And, if you are looking for that special kitten, please visit our Kitten Announcements page and see the current listings from breeders who have kittens for sale.

Any responsible breeder who has a registered cattery and an active website/email is welcome to apply for a cattery listing.

Absolutely Cats accepts responsible cat breeders who have registered catteries in good faith and assumes that breeders want to offer only high quality, healthy cats and kittens for sale. Absolutely Cats assumes no responsibility for any unethical dealings and you may wish to contact several cat breeders before purchasing a cat or kitten for sale.

Please remember that the material and photographs on these pages are protected by copyright law.